Partner Highlight: Counting Fingers and Toes

Counting Fingers and Toes, led by Founder and Executive Director Rachel Devaney, is dedicated to promoting math proficiency and empowering families through collaborative initiatives like the Summer Math Challenge and Family University. These initiatives not only enhance students' mathematical skills but also strengthen family engagement in education.

Rachel Devaney shared, "At Counting Fingers and Toes, our mission is to make math fun, accessible, and meaningful for all learners. We believe that all parents have the power to support their child’s early math learning. Partnering with Alignment Nashville allows us to amplify our impact and reach even more families and students, empowering them to succeed in math and beyond."

Counting Fingers and Toes provides guidance and tools for parents to do math activities at home with their children, as well as support for community and school math events to help parents overcome math anxiety and raise confident math learners. Please visit the Counting Fingers and Toes website to learn more about their programs. Thank you, Counting Fingers and Toes, for your partnership and commitment to the students and families of Metro Nashville Public Schools!

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