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Family University, a partnership between Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) and Alignment Nashville, provides educational enrichment and a series of trainings to encourage, empower and equip MNPS families and caregivers with tools they need for success.  This program provides pathways for families to be effective partners and co-creators along with MNPS educators, school leaders, and Nashville community partners in their students’ success.

For more information about Family University, please visit the MNPS Family University website.


Kathryn Addison, MNPS

Kashonda Babb, MNPS

Ryan Gill, Alignment Nashville

Stephanie Harris, MNPS

Maria Heerdt, MNPS

Dr. Yolanda Jackson, MNPS

Robert Robinson, Alignment Nashville

Morgan Tubbs, Alignment Nashville

Makeda Watson, MNPS


Family University Fall 2023 Event Updates - 11.15.23

The Family University team has been busy planning and hosting events this fall semester. In October, the team hosted "Attendance Matters" in collaboration with the Metro Student Attendance Center for caregivers of students experiencing attendance issues so far this school year. Participants received dinner, information on restorative parenting and attendance policies & best practices, and resources like COVID test kits, coats, and food boxes. Families were able to attend this workshop in lieu of a court date for their students' absences.

In November, Family University hosted "Creating Happy & Healthy Students" at Thurgood Marshall Middle School, a night centered around family engagement resources. Participants enjoyed dinner as they learned about the 5 roles that families play in their students' educational journey as well as how to use emotional self-regulation kits with their children at home when they are experiencing big feelings. In addition to self-regulation kits, these families also got to take home COVID test kits, coats, and food boxes.

Later this semester, Family University will partner on events with both McMurray Middle School and the MNPS First Time Drug Offenders Program. The team is already gearing up to plan & host even more events in the spring semester.

Supplies and resources provided for families at the Thurgood Marshall event, 11/9/23
Attendance Matters event, 10/24/23

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