A Team Initiative

Student Voice

The Student Voice A-Team seeks to improve student voice and engagement throughout MNPS through leveraging existing structures, and creating and adapting tools.

During the 2023-24 school year, the Student Voice A-Team is continuing to support its pilot at Margaret Allen Middle School, while supporting a district-wide Student Voice Campaign and creating a Student Voice Playbook for expansion and sustainability. See "Latest Work" below for an overview of the pilot's activities and outcomes.



Derrick Williams, MNPS

Judy Freudenthal, Oasis Center


Jackie Hansom, Vanderbilt University

Monica Mclauren, NAZA

Ashford Hughes, MNPS

Chae Snorten, MNPS

Laura Delgado, Lipscomb

Anthony Hall, MNPS

Ellen Montgomery, MNPS

Laura Fittz, Vanderbilt University

Dr. Krista Davis, MNPS

Dr. Thomas Lavallais, MNPS

Allie Duke, NAZA

Vanessa Lazon, MNPS

Kawema Orita, CIS

Melissa Gordon, MNPS

Benjamin Smith, Southern Word

Dr. Yolanda Jackson, MNPS

Dr. Simyka Carlton, MNPS

Chad Prather, MNPS

Marc Peek, MNPS

Quincy Ingle, MNPS

Additional information about the Student Voice A-Team: 

2021-22 Student Voice Action Report

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