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The School Climate A-Team brings school and community partners together to create shared, aligned solutions to ensuring all schools have a positive climate for learning.



Dr. Jaime Lomax, MNPS

Magistrate Jennifer Wade, Juvenile Court


Tiffany Adwaters,  MNPS  

Taylor Biondi, MNPS  

Captain Steve Bowers, MNPD    

Destini Burns, The F.I.N.D. Design    

Todd Campbell, Backfield in Motion

Thomas Chappelle, Backfield in Motion

Tasha Coleman, Raphah Institute

Mary Crnobori, MNPS    

Susan Galeas, Family Center  

Joe Gordon, MNPS    

Marcel Hernandez, Be About Change

Quincy Ingle, MNPS    

Debra McAdams, MNPS    

Avery Patton, MNPS    

Nasheba Pritchett, MNPS    

Ashley Thomas, MNPS

Kenisha Wallace,  MNPS    

Derrick Williams,  MNPS  

Stephen Williams,  MNPS    

Officer Reginald Young, MNPS Safety & Security      

Exploring Advocacy and Peace Centers: March 2024 Update

On March 20th, the Alignment Nashville School Climate A-Team visited Pennington Elementary and Two Rivers Middle to experience firsthand the innovative Advocacy and Peace Centers. These centers are not just physical spaces but vibrant hubs of support, collaboration, and empowerment within the school community.

MNPS and school leaders at the Pennington Elementary Advocacy Center

Advocacy Centers, now in all MNPS elementary schools, provide short-term interventions on-the-spot when needed to help students feel better and get back on track during the school day, and develop prosocial skills that support emotional and behavioral regulation and school success. Advocacy Centers are designed to provide students with a voice, offering them a platform to express their thoughts, concerns, and aspirations. Advocacy Centers also support teachers and staff in the building, providing a place of respite when needed, but also providing support for dysregulated students. 

Officer Reginald Young in the Advocacy Center

“Our Advocacy Center Coach has a huge impact on our school climate. She’s a calm presence and helps build positive relationships across the school community. When she helps one of my dysregulated students, she helps me and my entire classroom of students.” - Pennington Elementary kindergarten teacher

Peace Centers, which are in all MNPS middle schools, equip students with tools and strategies to manage conflicts peacefully, cultivate empathy and understanding, and promote a culture of mutual respect and inclusivity. These centers not only address immediate conflicts but also contribute significantly to creating a supportive school climate over time.

The "Peace Corner" in the Advocacy Center at Pennington Elementary

The visits to Pennington Elementary and Two Rivers Middle underscored the profound impact of Advocacy and Peace Centers on school climate. These centers not only cultivate essential skills and values in students but also contribute to a culture of empathy, understanding, and resilience. As schools continue to prioritize holistic approaches to education, initiatives like these play a pivotal role in shaping the next generation of compassionate and empowered leaders.

“...as our students come to us with increasing needs each year, the Advocacy Centers are critical in responding to those needs.” - Pennington Elementary Principal Raquel Gonzalez

Pennington Elementary students in the Advocacy Center

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