Network Initiative

Out of School Time Collaborative

The Nashville Out of School Time (OST) Collaborative brings together youth service providers to ensure that all youth in Nashville (K-12) have access to high-quality OST programming regardless of location or socioeconomic status. With more than fifty organizations involved, the OST Collaborative is dedicated to serving the specific needs of the community and resolving any present equity gaps.



Tiffany Carter, MNPS


Lakishia Harris, Nashville Gov

Makeda Watson, MNPS

Melissa Cornejo-Nell, MNPS

Abby Mosby, Nations Ministry Center

Adam Kineski, MNPS

Aisha Mitchell, Elijah's Heart

Ateia Alridge, Homework Help Online

Alison Brazil, Girls Write Nashville

Amanda Jamerson, Corner to Corner

Ashley Matamoros, Boys and Girls Club of Middle Tennessee

Anna Harutyunyan, NAZA

Anna Notestine, Catholic Charities of TN

April King, United Way of Greater Nashville

Arreao Barlow, MNPS

Michelle Springer, MNPS

Benjamin Smith, Southern Word

Bethany Burney, Corner to Corner

Bri'Anca Jordan, Boys and Girls Club of Middle Tennessee

Brianna Persinger, Nations Ministry Center

Brittany Tyler, Dynamic Young Minorities of Nashville

Ralinda Brooks, Be Natural Company

Britney Taylor, Moves and Grooves

Candashia Polk, MNPS

Carla Hancock, MNPS

Crystal Braylock, Elmington Elevates

Che'Ara Dykes, Martha O'Bryan Center

Cynthia Fitzgerald, In Full Motion

Christina Deaux, Backfield in Motion

Cheyianne Norton, Boys and Girls Club of Middle Tennessee

Cynthia Stockdale, MNPS

Dalya Graciano, United Way

Danessa Hudson, MNPS

Darlene Payton, Nashville Gov

Darlene Arnold, Martha O'Bryan Center

Destini Burns, The F.I.N.D. Design

Deana Blount, Nashville Gov

DeCarlos Robinson, Midtown Fellowship

Dexter Adams, MNPS

Donny Klostermeier, RocketTown

Demetrius Short, Transformation Life Center

Dawana Wade, Salama Urban Ministries

Dwight Johnson, Preston Taylor Ministries

Emma Broadfoot, YMCA of Middle Tennessee

Eric Higgs, Boys and Girls Club of Tennessee

Ellie Hoyt, RocketTown

Emerald Mitchell, Moves and Grooves

Errica Jordan, MNPS

Ezra Howard, NAZA

Gary Tucker, Backfield in Motion

Grace Bailey, MNPS

Gretchen Moore, Persist Nashville

Holly Rachel, Blacks in Technology

Herb Myers, Boys and Girls Club of Middle Tennessee

Ikenna Smith, Backfield in Motion

Izzy Perkinson, Youth Encouragement Services

Jeff Darnell, Boys and Girls Club of Middle Tennessee

Jeff Shicks, Youth for Christ Nashville

Jen Starsinic, Girls Write Nashville

Jennifer Dewall, MNPS

Jessica Hill, MNPS

Jenn Garcia, Oasis Center

Jenny Graham, Martha O'Bryan Center

Jackie Komos, Nashville Children's Theater

Joshua Love, NAZA

Joshua Crawford, Backfield in Motion

Joy Pillow-Jones, MNPS

Jeremey Quinonez, MNPS

Jordon Waller, YMCA of Middle Tennessee

Judith Robinson, MNPS

Julia Green, Extended Care

Jeff White, Martha O'Bryan Center

Jamarius Williams, Youth Encouragement Services

Joe Brandford, Elijah's Heart

Karen Mallicote, MNPS

Kaya Crawford, Backfield in Motion

Kelly Larsen, MNPS

Kevin Mckenzie, MNPS

Kara James, The F.I.N.D. Design

Ladona Harris, Aspiring Youth Encouragement

Lakesha Vaugn, MNPS

Lauren Williams, YMCA of Middle Tennessee

Leda Turner, Harmony CORE-alition

Leslie Martinez-Garcia, Nashville Gov

Lonnell Mathews, Juvenile Court

Madison Boyd, RocketTown

Marcia Smith, Corner to Corner

Margaret Proffitt, MNPS

Maria Paula-Zapata, Conexion Americas

Markata Weller, RocketTown

Markata Echols, United Way

Marvin Trotter, Nashville Gov

Mary Graham, United Ways of Tennessee

Megan Godbey, United Way

Michael Gooch, Martha O'Bryan Center

Micah Kimble, Backfield in Motion

Marvin Muhammad, Martha O'Bryan Center

Mocha Talmadge, MNPS

Monica McLaurine, NAZA

Nathan Shulman, Alignment Nashville

Pamela Caban, Park Community Center

Phil Henry, CodeX Academy

Pilar Howard, MNPS

Prentice Poole, MNPS

Quincy Ingle, MNPS

Ray Arceneaux, SONS

Robin Dismukes, MNPS

Rokeisha Bryant, Cafe Momentum

Ryein Vaugn, Boys and Girls Club of Middle Tennessee

Samantha Johnson, Youth Encouragement Services

Shana Berkeley, Corner to Corner

Sharise Chapman, The Find Design

Sherri Jackson, Huggs

Stephanie Nsubuga, GlobalN Outreach Developments Int’l

Steve Fleming, Bethlehem Centers

Sonya Johnson, United Way of Greater Nashville

Suzanne Boone, Mentor A Kid

Tanesha Stenson, Youth Encouragement Services

Thomas Lavallais, MNPS

Thomas Chappelle, Backfield in Motion

Tifiney Spears, MNPS

Dr. Todd Campbell, Backfield in Motion

Tonita Robinson, MNPS

Toni White, Backfield in Motion

Tashia Wells, YMCA of Middle Tennessee

Vickie Starsinic, Nashville Public Library

Victoria Carter, Project for Neighborhood Care

Viva Price, Youth Encouragement Services

Ylonda Banister, PHR

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