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Music City SEL Conference

Integrate to Elevate: Using SEL to level up focused outcomes

14th Annual Music City SEL Conference - July 18, 2024 @ James Lawson High School

Since the inaugural conference, diverse community partners, mental health providers, and experts on the forefront of the Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) movement have come together to provide powerful experiential learning that can transform school culture, strengthen support systems, and improve the overall success and wellness of students. Please join us to celebrate, highlight, and invest in work taking place in Metro Nashville Public Schools.

We are seeking exhibitors and sponsors for this year’s conference. CLICK HERE to learn more.

This year’s keynote speaker will be Patrick Briggs, AVID Northeast Area Director. Patrick is a dedicated educator with over a third of a century of experience in teaching and administration. He strongly believes that any perceived achievement gaps can be addressed by closing the opportunity and expectation gaps through collaborative efforts of adults. Patrick’s passion lies in helping all students achieve at high levels, and he firmly advocates for preparing them to be college and career-ready after completing high school.

2024 Music City SEL Conference Keynote Speaker: Patrick Briggs, AVID

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