Network Initiative

English Learners Advisory Board

The purpose of the English Learners (EL) Advisory Board is to strengthen the collaboration between the EL office and community partners serving our international families. Community partners have strong connections with families and students, and MNPS’s goal is to leverage that connection to ensure that families know their rights, are aware of available resources and programs, and understand the education and support their child is receiving in school. Community partners are also able to share the needs they see in the communities they serve to inform the MNPS EL Office’s programming and initiatives.



Vanessa Lazón, MNPS

Molly Hegwood, MNPS


Abby Mosby, Nations Ministry Center

Anna Notestine, Catholic Charities

Carol Lampkin, MNPS

Carrie Weir, MNPS

Casey Minshall, MNPS

Chi-Chi Faulk, Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition

Courtney Ivy, MNPS

Ida Hood, Legacy Mission Village

David Williams, MNPS

Ebralie Mwizerwa, Legacy Mission Village

Maria Zapata, Conexion Americas

Maria Arvizu, MNPD

Martha Silva, Conexion Americas

Megan Trcka, MNPS

Melissa Bentley, MNPS

Melissa Cornejo-Nell, MNPS

Elizabeth Thomas, Nashville Gov

Erica Combs, Legacy Mission Village

Jamil Sameen, Nashville Gov

Jazmin Ramirez, EdTrust

Juan Seda, MNPS

Lisa Hsin, AIR

Margaret Proffitt, MNPS

Rob Manauis, NICE

Sabina Mohyuddin, American Muslim Advisory Council

Monica Reyna, Hispanic Family Foundation

Sandra Hurtado, MNPS

Tara Lentz, Conexion Americas

Vanessa Neria, PP TN

Leslie Osborne, MNPS

Blanca Suarez, Conexion Americas

Teriz Michael, Siloam Health

Lydia Yousef, Elmahaba Center

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