Steering Committee Initiative

Community Achieves

The mission of Community Achieves is to remove barriers to learning by identifying needs, cultivating relationships, and aligning supports to ensure school communities thrive. The results-focused partnership between parents, the community, and schools personalizes learning for students and leads to stronger families and healthier communities. The Community Achieves A-Team convenes key stakeholders to support and sustain this important, district-wide initiative.



Makeda Watson, MNPS    

(Community co-chair: Vacant)       


Anna Notestine,  Catholic Charities    

Destini Burns, F.I.N.D. Design    

Lee Gray, Oasis    

Hamid Abdullah, PENCIL    

Melissa Cornejo- Nell, MNPS Community Achieves    

Paula Pendergrass, MNEA    

Whitney Slovick, MNPS Community Achieves    

Kashonda Babb, MNPS Community Achieves    

Dr. Shavoncia Watts, MNPS Schools of Innovation    

Tiffany Rhodes, MNPS Community Achieves    

Vanessa Helbig Johnson, YWCA    

Sheri Dudley, UMC    

Emily Chadwick, FCS    

Kay Higgs, STARS    

Veronica Chambers, Big Brother Big


Lydia Yousief, Elmahaba Center    

Tiffany Patton, CIS

Dr. Yolanda Jackson, MNPS


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