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College Access & Success

The College Access & Success A-Team brings school and community partners together to address the critical aspects of improving access to higher education, as well as strategies to ensure students' success in college and beyond. Newly formed in fall 2023, this group partners with the Academies of Nashville Steering Committee through the Nashville College and Career Readiness Network to create a shared, cohesive vision that ensures all students graduate prepared for college, career, and life.



Sanjana Ballal-Link, MNPS    

Bob Obrohta, TCASN        


Nekesha Burnette, Antioch HS

Jaclyn Coleman, Pearl Cohn HS

Brenda Diaz, Big Picture HS    

Kevin Edwards, MNPS    

Lee Gray, Oasis Center    

John Paul Gray , GEAR UP    

Karina Gutierrez-Molina, YMCA

Constance Hensley, MLK HS 

Laura Herrell, Nashville Area Chamber of  Commerce    

Jennifer Hill, Persist    

Lanedria Marshall, Maplewood HS  

Dr. Megan Cusson-Lark, MNPS Counseling    

Kent Miller, Martha O'Bryan    

Laura Moran, NSCC    

Nicole Newman, Whites Creek HS  

Benjamin Smith, Southern Word  

Beth Wilson, Overton HS    

Maria Paula Zapata, Conexion

College Access & Success Update - June 2024

Metro Nashville Public Schools and a network of Nashville-based college access organizations are collaborating through the Alignment Nashville College Access & Success A-Team to host FAFSA completion clinics at more than a dozen locations throughout June and July to help recent MNPS graduates and others maximize their financial aid options.

The organizations will bring extensive staff experience to helping anyone who has not started or completed the FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Staff members will help students and families complete the FAFSA and also help them understand the nuances of various types of financial aid.

Along with MNPS, the organizations are the Tennessee College Access & Success Network (TCASN), Martha O’Bryan Center, Oasis Center, and Persist Nashville. MNPS and TCASN will lead outreach to recent graduates, and the other partnering organizations will provide direct FAFSA assistance and have one-on-one conversations with students and families.

For more information and a list of FAFSA clinics, please click here.

WSMV 4MNPS, college organizations to help students apply for financial aid

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