Steering Committee Initiative

Academies of Nashville

The Academies of Nashville Steering Committee supports the sustainability and continuous improvement of the Academies of Nashville and monitors implementation of the Academies of Nashville strategic plan.

What are the Academies of Nashville? 

Created in 2008, the Academies of Nashville provide MNPS students with one of the best college and career prep experiences in the nation. Recognized by the White House as a national high school transformation model, the Academies of Nashville offer 35 different career and thematic academies across 12 zoned high schools. Whether a student is interested in pursuing a career in healthcare or engineering, every academy enhances the high school experience while preparing students with transferable skills applicable to any career field.

More than 365 community partners are committed to ensuring students gain exposure and experience within each class.  Additionally, local colleges and universities provide a range of dual credit, dual enrollment, and industry credentials that prepare every student to be college or career ready.  



Alayna Cate, PENCIL    

Daryl Curry, Nashville  Area Chamber of Commerce    

Dan Phillips, MNPS      


Lauren Brooks-Gregory, LP  (Stansell Electric)    

Heather Chalos, Nashville  Hub    

John Doerge, Deloitte    

Felicia Everson - Tuggle, MNPS District Admin    

Rebecca Farrow, MNPS    

Miriam Harrington, MNPS    

Anne Henderson, The  Frist    

Ray Holloman, F5  Solutions    

Denise King, MNPS,  Academy Coach    

Patricia Knight, HCA    

Leesa LeClaire, Greater  Nashville Hospitality Association    

Lanedria Marshall, MNPS,  Academy Coach    

Courtney Morgan, MNPS    

Katie Petrole, The  Parthenon    

Amber Plunkett, MNPS  Communications    

Michael Pratt, MNPS    

Robert Rice, Nashville  Music City Center    

Steve Scheaffer, MNPS    

Margaret Steele, Nissan    

Carrie Weir, MNPS  Communications    

Mary York, MNPS,  Academy Coach

Additional information about the Academies of Nashville: 

Visit the Academies of Nashville
MNPS Academies of Nashville website
Nashville Hub (a program of Alignment Nashville) 

Academies of Nashville Steering Committee past Action Reports: 



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