Sexual Health School Partnerships

The Youth Equity & Sexuality A-Team, in collaboration with MNPS, is seeking community partners to submit proposals for in-school presentations to support sexual health education and entries for a Family Life & Sexuality Education Resource Guide.

In 2019, Metro Nashville Public Schools was awarded federal grant funding through the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to implement and monitor: (1) the delivery of high quality, developmentally-appropriate sexual health education; (2) connections to sexual health services and resources for young people; and (3) increased intentionality of safe and supportive environments for LGBTQIA and all students.

This project will initially launch in identified priority schools, expanding to all middle and high schools by the end of the project period in 2023. The ASR & Healthy Starts A-Team seeks to partner with a minimum of 15 community partners to provide (1) skills-based classroom instruction to students (2) a resource guide on family life and sexual health education.


Community partners that provide health and wellness services may submit their information for review and inclusion in the 2019 Family Life & Sexuality Education Resource Guide. The resource guide will be shared for use with the MNPS Collaborative Referral System.

ITP Questions for Potential Partners:

  1. Type & description of proposed services
  2. Your organization’s capacity of providing proposed services/programs
  3. Location addresses of where services/programs are to be offered
  4. Organization mission/history


Community partners can respond to the ITP to submit trainings/presentations that support health/sexual health education in safe and supportive environments. All classroom trainings and programs are required to meet the following MNPS and State policies and procedures:

  • MNPS 4.213 Family Life Wellness Education
  • MNPS 6.411 Student Wellness

ITP Questions for Potential Partners:

  1. Name of Program, Contact Person, Email, & Phone
  2. Title of proposed workshop/presentation
  3. Description of workshop/presentation
  4. Age/Grade of the intended audience
  5. How will your organization/presentation align with MNPS Policies 4.213 Family Life Wellness Education and MNPS 6.411 Student Wellness
  6. Organization’s mission, history, and capacity to present workshop/presentation

All proposed classroom trainings and programs are required to be reviewed and by the internal MNPS Sexual Health Review Panel during the Summer of 2019. Approved trainings and programs will be shared with Lifetime Wellness Instructors.


At Least 15
Approved Community Partner Trainings
Resource Guide

Short-term Goals:

Increase list of Family Life & Sexuality Education Resources by 50%

 Increase classroom presentations by approved community organizations/ vendors

 Increase supports & trainings for GSAs from approved community resources by 25%

Mid-term Goals:

High School Wellness Teachers using approved training/ programs provided by community partners
High School Wellness Teachers report increase in content knowledge & resources

Long-term Goals:

Reduce Chronic Absenteeism

Improve School Culture & Climate

May 10

ITP Releases

May 31

Community Meeting

June 15

ITP Deadline

June 28

Follow up with ITP Respondents


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