ASK-PEP Program incorporates pre- and post-tests for youth and parents who participate in a fifteen (15) week program offered two days a week and two hours per session. The ASK-PEP Program serves young men and women ages 13-17, along with their parents and siblings.  Both groups meet for one hour focusing on ATOD (alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs) topics, positive behavioral changing skill development and patient information designed to improve family communication.


No fee.



Phone: (615) 262-1601




Camelot staff can provide case management, individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy and intensive in-home services to clients who have TennCare insurance.  These services can be provided at the school or in the client’s home depending on the level of service needed.  In group therapy we are able to address substance abuse, emotional intelligence, and positive choices.  All services we provide are centered around strength-based strategies to assist clients in their personal growth and we strive to highlight their successes along the way.  We have the ability to be flexible with our capacity to provide these services, and will be able to work to meet the needs of any referrals for services received.


$15/group session for non-TennCare clients. TennCare clients are served for co-pay amount or free of charge depending on their individual plan.



Phone: (615) 370-4228




Children who have been affected by violent crimes such as neighborhood violence, murder, and domestic assault may be traumatized by the event.


As a result, these children may have traumatic reactions that are initially expressed as physical behaviors because they are unable to put their thoughts into words.  For example, a traumatized child may exhibit the following behaviors:

– Irritability, aggressiveness, acting tough, provoking fights

– Difficulty concentrating

– Developing headaches, stomach problems, fatigue

– Forgetting recently acquired skills

– Being easily startled

– Returning to behaviors they previously stopped


-Having trouble sleeping

-Losing resilience to overcome additional difficulties

-Becoming accident prone, taking risks, putting themselves in life-threatening situations, re-enacting the event as a victim or hero


No fee.



Phone: (615) 352-9520 x 230




Centerstone, a not-for-profit organization, has provided a wide range of mental health and addiction services to people of all ages for more than 50 years. We serve more than 50,000 children, adolescents, adults and seniors each year. Centerstone is accredited by The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).


Outpatient Counseling Services

Ages: All

Professional staff members provide individual, family, couples and group counseling, therapy services, Psychiatric Services, Substance Abuse Services as well as Case Management services to aid in addressing, but not limited to: impulsivity, depression, stress, anxiety, divorce, anger management, grief, etc.


Intensive In-Home Treatment

Ages: 3-17 years old and their families Intensive In-Home Treatment provides high-intensity (10 sessions/month), time-limited (typically 90 days or more) therapeutic services for children and adolescents at imminent risk of out-of-home placement (acute psychiatric hospitalization, residential treatment, DCS custody) due to serious emotional illness which cannot be successfully treated in less intensive settings. Services are provided in the home and community and focus on short-term stabilization, with the ultimate goal being long-term stability for the member and family. In-home specialists are available 24/7 to respond to crises. In addition to the individual and family counseling component of the program, other services that may be provided include parenting training, behavior management, communication and relationship-building, self-management of moods and behavior and school interventions.


School-Based Counseling

Ages: 17 and younger

On-site counselors help students cope with problems. The program combines individual and group counseling with parent and teacher consultations. Priority is given to students in special education classes and severe or moderate behavioral intervention classes, or those at risk of entering those classes.


Locations: Select schools in Davidson County


Therapeutic Preschool

Ages: 30 months – 5 years

For over 20 years, Centerstone’s innovative Therapeutic Preschool program has provided comprehensive evaluation and intensive treatment for children, ages 30 months to five years old. This program is appropriate for children who have been victims of or are at high-risk of: neglect; emotional, physical or sexual abuse; have witnessed traumatic events; and/or display atypical emotions and behaviors. This program helps break the cycle of abuse, overcome developmental delays, restructure the family and physical environments and improve parenting skills.


Locations: Participating Metro Nashville Preschools


Contact:  For more information about Centerstone, please call 888-291-4357 or visit



The Estuary offers integrative counseling for early recognition and intervention services.  Our agency helps children and adolescents with mild to moderate self-

esteem, depression body image, and trauma issues.  The Estuary’s holistic focus includes helping the esteem of adolescents with ADD, mild to moderate Learning Disorders, or sexual orientation issues.


Coping skills for the healthy processing of emotions are taught, such as journaling and art-making.  An eclectic blend of cognitive-behavioral, experiential, play, art and narrative therapies, as well as EMDR, are used in sessions.

For family issues which stress children and adolescents, we provide marriage, family, couples, group, and individual therapies.


$60-$145 varies by therapist



Phone: (615) 467-6462




Individual and family therapy for children and adolescents age six and up.  Therapy is helpful for children who are at risk for mental health issues such as depression or anxiety, or for students or families who have experienced a crisis (such as the May flood), trauma, or unexpected loss.


Insurance co-pays or a sliding scale according to income.



Phone: (615) 376-5915





Jewish Family Service was established in 1853 and has been responding to and supporting individuals and families through life’s transitions since that time.


Counseling is provided by two full-time licensed clinical social workers to children of all ages as well as adults. The agency offers individual, couples and family counseling.


Jewish Family Service social workers will work collaboratively with MNPS professionals to assure that referrals are handled in a timely manner. If appropriate, and with written consent of parents, the social worker can provide feedback and suggestions to MNPS staff so that the child will experience the benefit of a team approach to his/her behavioral and/or emotional issues.


Fees are covered by insurance and private pay. A sliding fee scale is available for those unable to pay the full fee.



Phone: (615) 356-4234




LifeCare Family Services is a faith-based community mental health clinic that providers services covering the lifespan of the individual.


Intake and Assessment Services:

Upon contacting LifeCare for an initial appointment, you will be scheduled with a specifically trained mental health or counseling professional. During this initial visit, the level of care and services will be determinedin conjunction with your assigned professional caregiver. The services referred may include Counseling, Case Management, Nursing, and/or Psychiatric Intervention depending on the severity of the issues. LifeCare offers both individual and group counseling and case management services customized to fit the needs of the individual, couple, single parent, or traditional family who is experiencing any on-going issues in their life and need professional help or assistance.


Counseling Services:

LifeCare has both licensed and non-licensed (Ph.D., Masters level) therapists. We offer healing  support for both children and adults. We help those faced with pre-marital issues, on-going marital concerns, divorce, grief/loss, depression, and other specialized recovery issues such as eating disorders, sexual addictions, sexual identity concerns, and other alcohol and drug issues.


Specialized CTT Child/Adolescent Services:

The CTT (Continuous Treatment Team) Case Management Program is recognized as one of the most intensive programs to assist chronically mentally ill, juvenile-offending children and adolescents throughout the state of Tennessee. This program offers In Home and Community Based comprehensive care for at-risk children, adolescents, and their families. Eligibility for our CTT program is that the youth must be diagnosed as SED (Severely Emotionally Disturbed)/or meet the criterion established by the TennCare partners program.


Adult, Child, and Family Preservation Community Case Management Services:

This service provides case management to children and adults with a traditional minimum of three face-to-face visits per month within the community setting. The Case Manager will offer assistance in locating much- needed resources in order to strengthen and empower the child, adult, or family to live a more successful, healthy and interdependent home life. In addition, thisprogram may include psychiatric care and medication monitoring.


Psychological Testing Services:

We offer our expert psychological testing services that include partial or full psychological testing and assessments.


Psychiatric and Nursing Services:

We are staffed with Licensed Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners who assist with medical treatment of psychiatric disorders in children, adolescents, and adults. Our medical staff is available to prescribe and monitor psychiatric medications as well as assist with confirmation of psychiatric diagnosis.


Family Preservation Program:

This program is a short-term, highly intensive, home-based service designed to protect, treat and support families with at least one child at imminent risk of placement in state custody. The scope of services may include but are not limited to therapeutic counseling services, in-home alcohol and drug case management & assessments, adult readiness, parent assessments and training, and psychological assessment services.


Fees: Present Insurance Panels Accepted: TennCare, Magellan (Advocare), Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Medicare, Cigna, Value Options, United Behavioral Health, Signature Health Alliance and others. Please contact the office for verification.



Phone: (615) 781-0013




Rainbow Services (Pregnant Women with Substance Abuse Issues) Women Co-occurring Services (Substance Abuse and Mental Health) Men Co-occurring Services (Substance Abuse and Mental Health ) Detoxification Services Adolescent  Intensive Outpatient Program, Adolescent Family and Individual Program, Adult Intensive Outpatient Program (Co-occurring and/or Substance Abuse) HIV Outreach Program Support Outreach Program for Minority Women (Mental Health Clinic specialties include ADHD and Suboxone) Forensics Services.


Sliding fee.



Phone: (615) 327-6704




Providing age-appropriate curriculum for elementary, middle, and high school students on topics such as bullying, stress & worry, anger, having a bad day, grief & loss, body image, depression, and general mental health & wellness.  We also take mental health calls at our main office, offering information and referral for any type of mental health services in Middle Tennessee.


No fee.



Phone: (615) 312-3114




MNPS professionals rely on MHC because our approach works. We have a full array of specialized services specifically designed for children, adolescents, and families. Since every child is different, we take the time to get to know the child and their family before customizing a treatment plan. Most children benefit from a combination of these services.


Child or Adolescent Intake Assessment

A comprehensive intake assessment is offered at no charge to eligible children. Typical wait for an appointment is 2-3 days. If a family cannot wait, a walk-in assessment will be arranged.


Child & Family Case Management

Assist family in accessing needed services:

– In home behavior management assistance

– Transportation assistance to school meetings and other necessary appointments

– Eligibility benefits, financial supports & budgeting

– Juvenile court assistance

– School consultation


Child & Family Counseling

Weekly child & family counseling available. Counselors recently trained in evidence based treatments:

– Child Trauma Focused CBT, EMDR

– Goal Directed Play Therapy, ADHD


Child Psychiatry

Child psychiatric provider helps determine root causes of behaviors and makes recommendations for treatment including medications if needed.

MHC is a TennCare provider.

*Two locations: Metro Center & Antioch



Phone: Referrals (615) 743-1555, 743-1623 (Office)




Question Persuade Prefer (QPR) Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training.

This training is intended for teachers and teaches warning signs and how to talk with a student if the adult has concerns based on observation of warning signs.  QPR is designed to be taught to non-mental health professionals.  Training takes approximately 2 hours.


No fee.



Phone: (615) 340-2192





The mission of the Victim Intervention Program of the Nashville Metropolitan Police Department is to provide mental health services and criminal justice system advocacy whenever individuals, families and/or the community are affected by violent crime.


No fee.



Phone: (615) 862-7887




Mentoring boys & Teen moms/chosen ones programs offer behavioral skills and life skills development. Some happen during school day vs after school programming.


No fee.



Phone: (239) 560-6913 cell




Oasis Center provides prevention services in selected MNPS middle and high schools.


Additionally, Oasis prevention staff work with juvenile court to address issues of decreased minority confinement and decreased re-offense. Oasis utilizes the Teen

Outreach Program Model, which is evidenced based and recognized by HHS, OJJDP, and pending with SAMHSA. The Program is proven effective to increase attendance, increase academic performance, decrease early sexual activity and unplanned pregnancies, decrease substance use, and decrease perpetration of crime and violence.


Oasis Center also offers counseling services and supports through outpatient services at its Charlotte Ave. location.


Additionally, Oasis is able to provide family and individual crisis intervention and stabilization which includes shelter stay and family systems work for youth at risk of running away (or who have run) or becoming homeless (or who are homeless), or youth at risk of entering the child welfare system, juvenile court involvement, or other risks.


Oasis is funded by both the United Way and the state and federal government for its work described above. Oasis has always met its output AND outcomes requirement for these funders. Oasis in school programs have a success rate over the schools’ averages for educational advancement for the youth served (these  same youth are identified as the most at-risk meeting eligibility requirements).


No fee.



Phone: (615) 327-4455





Most experts agree that an unintended consequence of incarceration is the increased risk faced by prisoner’s children of offending and facing incarceration themselves.  Most estimate that between 70 and 85% of these children will be incarcerated as adults.  Reconciliation has addressed these problems for the last twenty-five years.  Located in West Nashville, Reconciliation Family Resource Center is open for all families to obtain information on incarceration and demystification of the visitation process.  We believe that children who maintain close relationships with incarcerated family members are less likely to offend than those who do not.  We offer support for families and youth, and

education to those who are interested in learning more about the effects of parental incarceration on children.


No fee.



Phone: (615) 292-6371




SAC regularly works to train MNPS school counselors and social workers on signs and symptoms of childhood and youth sexual assault, prevention and intervention, reporting, and victim resources.


Fees Vary.



Phone: 24 Hour Crisis Line: 1-800-879-1999;  (615) 259-9055 ext. 333

Fax: (615) 259-9056




Our Student Assistance Program (SAP)  is a prevention/intervention framework focused specifically in three different prevention methods.  The first strategy is Universal Prevention which targets the entire population, for example school-wide assemblies.  The second strategy is Selective Prevention which targets those students deemed to be at-risk of substance abuse by virtue of their membership of a particular population, for example, children of adult alcoholics, drop-outs or students who are failing academically.  The third strategy is Indicated Prevention which targets individuals who are showing early danger signs such as failing grades and consumption of alcohol and other drugs.  Universal Prevention is accomplished through school-wide assemblies and classroom presentations on topics such as the dangers of tobacco and other drug use, violence and bullying.  Selective and Indicative Prevention is accomplished through individual and group counseling.  Our STARS Specialists serve as a loving presence within the students’ lives and provide them the tools they  need.


No fee.



Phone: (615) 279-0058




TSPN provides suicide prevention education and awareness services to school systems across the state, resources for school staff and students, and assistance with post-ventions following suicide incidents.


No fee.



Phone: (615) 297-1077




Psychotherapy: Individual, Group or Family Pre-marital counseling (for marriage license fee reduction)


Areas: Depression, Attention Problems, Substance Abuse Recovery (for the addicted & family members), Grief and Career.


$80 (1st session); $75 regular (sliding scale fees available).



Phone: (615) 975-9781




Early recognition and Intervention Resources at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center Include:


Behavior Analysis Clinic The Behavior Analysis Clinic assesses behavioral problems and individually

tailors intervention plans to meet the needs of families and care providers.


Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disability Clinic at Vanderbilt (BHID-V)

The Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disability Clinic helps persons with intellectual disabilities, ages 17 and above, cope with behavioral and mental health challenges that can inhibit successful adult life in the after-school years.  Often these challenges extend into later adulthood.  The Clinic staff aid individuals in improving self-worth, their relationships with others, and their overall life satisfaction.


Fee varies according to service provided, age and insurance coverage.



Phone: (615) 936-0448




Vanderbilt Psychiatry provides a vast array of behavioral health services including evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and consultation.


Vanderbilt Psychiatry provides outpatient services and school-based services throughout the Middle Tennessee region. We operate two clinics along with twenty-five school based clinics within Metro Nashville Public School system. We also provide counseling and consultation services to Exceptional Education students and teachers. Additionally, we have a clinic that provides services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and co-occurring mental health issues, particularly early intervention and those in transition from school to adulthood.


Vanderbilt Psychiatry works with most major Commercial Insurers, TennCare, and Medicare.



Phone: (615) 936-3555




You Have The  Power is available to provide education to students in middle and high school on a variety of topics including domestic violence, child sex abuse, acquaintance rape, internet dangers, ‘sexting’ and methamphetamine abuse. Class sessions may be tailored to run in class time, 50 or 90 minute time frames are often used. The instructors, together, have several decades of experience dealing with these issues and educating the public. Classes frequently include topical documentaries as well as interactive discussion and distribution of subject-specific resource guides.


Our mission is to advocate for victims and educate the community to prevent violent crime. We conduct educational programs, create training videos, and produce resource guidebooks on topics such as domestic violence, elder abuse, methamphetamine abuse, and child sexual abuse. Our DVDs are distributed nationwide to law enforcement, universities, domestic violence shelters, congregations, and many others to educate professionals and the general public. We also facilitate victim impact classes for inmates at several Nashville area prisons. Our founder and staff members have received many commendations for their work, including the National Crime Victim Service Award (2008), the Tenn. Assoc. of Chiefs of Police President’s Award (2003 & 2005), the Tenn. Assoc. for Marriage & Family Therapy Distinguished Service to Families Award (2010) and the Tennessee Board of Parole and Probation Statewide Victim Advocate Award (2010).



Phone: (615) 292-7027