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  1. SEL Conference is June 29 & 30

    The 7th Annual Social Emotional Learning Conference will bring together more than eight hundred educators, experts, and community members invested in the mental, emotional, social,…

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  2. After more than ten years, I’m still amazed…

    Written by Melissa Jaggers, President & CEO of Alignment Nashville You would think that after more than ten years, I would be used to seeing…

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  4. Immigrant & Refugee Community Resource Survey

    COMPLETE THE SURVEY NOW! The Integration of International Families Alignment Team seeks to help MNPS faculty and staff create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for…

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  5. Promotion & Prevention

  6. Recognition & Intervention

    ASK-PEP ASK-PEP Program incorporates pre- and post-tests for youth and parents who participate in a fifteen (15) week program offered two days a week and…

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  7. Crisis Intervention

  8. 2018 Social Emotional Learning Conference Workshops

  9. Contact Alignment Nashville

  10. AN Celebrates National School Counseling Week

    Walk through the doors of any MNPS school on any given day and you will find a building full of individuals dedicated to the academic…

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