How might we work together to make math more accessible by shifting mindsets about what it means to be good in math and ensuring families have tools and resources to support their students in developing math confidence and understanding?

Another team that launched in 2020 and has continuously met virtually following the Explore Process of 2019, the Math A-Team has undertaken a substantial examination of the specific and unique challenges that exist for teaching and learning math in an online setting during the COVID-19 pandemic. The A-Team has already identified a number of existing, underutilized resources for parents and families and is working on plans to increase the utilization of these assets. Additionally, the Math A-Team has developed an outline for a new, online toolkit for parents and caregivers specific to math skills and resources and will be exploring additional support opportunities for parents.

Math Alignment Team

  • Ateia Aldridge, Homework Hotline
  • Bethany Rittle-Johnson, Vanderbilt
  • Chris Schlueter, Firstbank
  • Jessica Slayton, MNPS
  • Kevin Harris, Stillman College
  • Naeshara Neal, MNPS
  • Paul Cobb, Vanderbilt
  • Rachel Devaney, Counting Fingers and Toes
  • Ryan Fox, Belmont
  • Wesley Baxter, Nashville State

Facilitator: Nathan Shulman