LEAF Community Nights for International Families: Spring 2017

LEAF – Linking, Empowering, and Advancing Families – is a collaborative community night offered on a weekly basis initially at Wright Middle Prep, with expansion to other MNPS clusters with high numbers of NELB (non-English language background) families planned for the program’s second year and beyond. The recurring Wednesday evening event is designed to meet some of the linguistic, academic, and personal development needs of the international community in Nashville and MNPS.

LEAF Nights were piloted successfully in the Fall of 2016 at Wright Middle Prep, with families coming from all areas of Davidson County. Spring 2017 LEAF nights will continue to take place at Wright.  Through existing MNPS resources and engaged community partners, the community night offers a breadth of simultaneous services to English Learner (EL) families, both parents and students.

Based on survey data gathered from a large group of EL families in Nashville, reached via the MNPS English Language Learners’ Office and the Salvation Army, the Integration of International Families Team is reaching out to the community to engage partners who can offer the following services to parent and student LEAF attendees; including, but not limited to:

  • Reading clinics/tutoring
  • Entertainment such as puppet shows, reading aloud, interactive activities
  • Physical activities such as yoga, dance, etc.
  • SEL skill building; character education
Middle school
  • Reading clinics/tutoring
  • Career exploration
  • Physical activities such as yoga, dance, etc.
  • SEL skill building; character education
High school
  • Homework help
  • ESL
  • Career exploration
  • Capstone project help
  • SEL skill building; character education
  • PTO/PTA involvement; other parent engagement/parent leadership topics
  • Introduction to MNPS processes/procedures; graduation requirements
  • Adult finance/banking classes
  • Goal-setting/coaching services
  • Employment/career planning services; job skill training
  • Healthcare information/ referring information for families
  • Legal assistance
  • Immigration/citizenship classes
  • Arts & enrichment activities
  • Adult Education/GED prep
  • Car basics related to fixing or purchasing
  • Computer/technology basics courses
  • Volunteerism
  • Social services
  • Fitness/Exercise classes

The A-Team is also asking for the following support from the community in coordinating LEAF Nights:

  • Volunteer interpreters (Spanish, Arabic, Kurdish, Somali)
  • Occasional meal donations & coordination; volunteer servers/clean-up crew

The Integration of International Families Team is looking for partners who can commit to a 30-minute community workshop. If your organization is interested in presenting a series of workshops, please indicate how many workshops in the following invitation to participate.

The partner enrichment session will take place at 6pm on Wednesday nights and lasts 30 minutes.

Examples of past community workshops have included instruction on creating healthy family meals on a budget/using SNAP benefits, voting/civic engagement, navigation of the Healthcare Marketplace, women’s health screening information, and others.

Typical LEAF Nights have seen around 60 to 70 attendees of multiple ages (majority adults).

  • LEAF Nights will run for 16 weeks in winter/spring 2017, from January 18 through May 17, excluding 15 and March 22.
  • MNPSLEAF.org will host the full workshop schedule once this ITP closes and content is chosen. Alignment Nashville and MNPS EL Office staff will coordinate the scheduling of partners and updating of the LEAF schedule.
  • The nightly LEAF agenda will be conducted as follows:
    • Wednesdays, 6pm to 8pm
      • 6:00 to 6:30pm- adult enrichment & child enrichment provided by partners
      • 6:30 to 8:00pm – ESL & tutoring for children & adults provided by MNPS; ESL agencies

Short-Term Goals

of surveyed parents would recommend to a friend

Midterm Goals

Increased understanding of  MNPS processes and child’s school experience

Increase in EL Literacy

Long-Term Goals

Increase High School Graduation Rate

Increase Community Prosperity


Average attendees each night
ITP Responses


ITP Release Date


ITP Deadline


Partner Meeting

JAN 18 – MAY 17

LEAF Nights every Wednesday