Invitation to Participate

To submit a response to an Invitation to Participate, you will need a user account with Alignment Nashville (Create a user account). Click the button to Respond to the Invitation to Participate the initiative page.  Under response form questions, click the link to login. Enter your email address and password.  Once you are logged in, you will be directed back to the form. Complete the form and submit for approval. If you need assistance with responding to an Invitation to Participate, contact Andrew Druffel.

Forgot your password? Click the link to reset password from the login page.

Organizations who submit a proposal in response to an ITP must agree to the following statements of intent and conditions:

  • This will be a collaborative effort. To achieve the goals of AN, organizations will need to work together to provide services.
  • While there are currently no financial resources to support the effort in the short-term, AN intends to seek significant resources to support successful models for collaboration and delivery.
  • Your organization may need to redirect resources, personnel and otherwise, to participate in the initiative.
  • Alignment Nashville has a small staff and is also supported by leadership from MNPS. These resources will be used where feasible to support your efforts.
  • When delivering services in the schools, your organization must comply with MNPS policies.
  • Your organization agrees to report resources contributed to committee work quarterly, usingAN forms and processes.
  • Your organization will be asked to provide process and output information (i.e. services actually provided, number of students served, student demographics, sites, etc.) on an annual basis.