Community Achieves Alignment Team

The Community Achieves A-Team first came together in 2017 around a call to action to expand Community Achieves across the district. The team brought together diverse partners to reviewing school and community level data and work on expanding resources and services to the students and families that need them most.


In 2018, the A-Team received a $150,000 grant from the Together for Students Initiative, created by the alignment of three national nonprofit youth-serving organizations, to recognize 10 communities throughout the US on plans they have initiated to bring key stakeholders, including students and families, together to support the needs of local students. This grant helped to fund sessions training coordinating positions on how to solicit and incorporate students voice, indepth strategic planning sessions, and learning trips across the state to learn best practices and connect with Community School practitioners across Tennessee.


The Community Achieves A-Team accomplished a number of things worth celebrating recently, despite the challenges of COVID-19!

Community Achieves A-Team highlights include:

  • Hosting a celebration to recognize the work of Community Achieves Coordinators.
  • Serving as a thought partner for Parent Advisory Councils.
  • Providing input on the MNPS Partnership Handbook before launch.
  • Helping define what “proactive family engagement” really means.
  • Reimagining school-based resource centers for families.
  • Providing continuous support for Community Achieves Impact Teams.


Download the 2021-2022 Community Achieves Action Report for more information about A-Team highlights including:

  • Celebrating Coordinating Positions and success of the
    Community Achieves Initiative
  • Meeting the needs of volunteers & Impact Teams
  • Cross-sector collaboration & trainings

The mission of Community Achieves is to remove barriers to learning by identifying needs, cultivating relationships, and aligning supports to ensure school communities thrive. The results-focused partnership between parents, the community, and schools helps to personalize learning for students and leads to stronger families and healthier communities. Each Community Achieves school assesses its needs and works with partners to offer programs focused on four key areas:

College & Career Readiness

Students are actively involved in their learning and prepared for post-secondary success,

Parent & Family Engagement

Families are engaged in various opportunities for involvement in school and community.

Student Health & Wellness

Students feel capable of attending and safe at school physically, socially, and emotionally.

Social & Human Services

Students’ basic needs are met and families have access to the range of public services.

Community Achieves A-Team

  • Anna Notestine, Catholic Charities
  • Atlee Tyree, MNPS Community Achieves
  • Destini Burns, F.I.N.D. Design
  • Emily Chadwick, FCS
  • Emily Nourse, FCS
  • Ezra Howard, NAZA
  • Hamid Abdullah, PENCIL
  • Kashonda Babb, MNPS Community Achieves
  • Kawema, CIS
  • Kay Higgs, STARS
  • Kelsey Mearman, FCS
  • Lee Gray, Oasis
  • Lydia Yousief, Elmahaba Center
  • Maggie Kissinger, FCS
  • Melissa Cornejo- Nell, MNPS
  • Michele Sheriff, MNEA
  • Penny Howard, CIS
  • Ramzi Babouder-Matta, MNEA
  • Shavoncia Watts, MNPS
  • Sheri Dudley, VUMCTiffany Rhodes, MNPS
  • Vanessa Helbig Johnson, YWCA
  • Veronica Chambers, Big Brother Big Sisters
  • Whitney Slovick, MNPS