College & Career Readiness

Community Achieves defines the College & Career Readiness pillar as follows: Communities and schools work together to ensure all students have the awareness, knowledge and skills they will need to succeed in post-secondary education and/or career.

Our goal is that Community Achieves schools form networks of results-focused partners to support the school community in achieving these common outcomes:

  1. Students are actively involved in their learning
  2. Students maintain academic success
  3. Students prepare for post-secondary education and career

Take a look at each CA school’s strategic plans around this pillar by clicking the schools’ names below, then respond to the Invitation To Participate to get involved!

Antioch High  •  Antioch Middle  •  Buena Vista Elementary  •  Cole Elementary  •  Creswell Middle  •  DuPont Hadley Middle  •  Gra-Mar Middle  •  Hunters Lane High  •  Inglewood Elementary  •  Jere Baxter Middle  •  Joelton Middle  •  Margaret Allen Middle  •  McKissack Middle  •  Napier Elementary  •  Pearl-Cohn High  • Stratford Lower Campus Middle  •  Tusculum Elementary  •  Two Rivers Middle  •  Whitsitt Elementary

Antioch Cluster

Antioch High School:

Antioch High School is inviting community organizations and individuals to partner with the school to provide after school, on-site mentoring on site tutoring or other programs geared toward social and emotional wellness. The school also wants external support to provide on-site workshops on anger management, self-esteem building, and emotional awareness during advisory, school lunch hours and or after school.

While a large percentage of Antioch’s students completed FAFSA applications last year, we will continue to host FAFSA workshops. We are inviting community organizations and individuals to host and provide workshops and or assist in implementation of existing workshops.

In the fall Antioch will host Open House, Academy Showcase, CA partnership meetings along with PAC Meetings (Parent Advisory Council) as well as holiday support. In Spring of 2017, Antioch will host Wellness Exams in conjunction with School Health, PENCIL and Amerigroup, We love our parents luncheon, which gives parents and students the opportunity to speak with school staff and review data and address concerns, FAFSA Night, PENCIL FRC Partner meetings and events, which gives our staff, community partner, parents and the community a glimpse as to the resources that Antioch offers as well as the investments the partners and community make towards Antioch High School.

At the end of last school year, Antioch hosted a senior pinning award ceremony. The event would include games, food, music, etc.; Antioch is inviting partners to facilitate the planning and event support.

Antioch Middle Prep:

Antioch Middle Prep is committed improving students test scores and lowering the chronic absence rate. We are inviting organizations, individuals colleges, universities, churches and programming to provide the following to support College and Career Readiness:
• Volunteers to tutor Reading and Math during the school day
• Volunteer/assist with our Collage Awareness week September 26-29th
• Offer academic related clubs
• ACT prep courses
• Donate school supplies
• Volunteer to be present at our Career Day
• Donate incentives for attendance and academic success
• Sponsor an incentive party for a class or group of students
• Volunteer with our College Tours

Margaret Allen Middle Prep:


Cane Ridge Cluster

Cole Elementary School:

48% of the students at Cole ES are classified as English language learners. As such, a large percentage of families are also English language learners. To promote literacy among the students Cole sees a need to increase students’ capacity to learn to read in their native languages. We are inviting community organizations and individuals to help us provide books in the students’ native languages, including Spanish, Kurdish, Nepalese, Burmese, Russian, etc.
100% of the 14 students in the District Reading Clinic at Cole ES have made gains in their reading achievement from September 2016-May 2016. We are recruiting more volunteers to serve the clinic and to include more students from all grade levels in the program.
Another important indicator of academic readiness is attendance.
While only 6% of Cole’s students were chronically absent in the 2015-16 school year, there continues to be an issue with students arriving on-time for the school day. Cole’s school hours are 8-3:00, with doors opening at 7:30, breakfast served at 7:45, and students expected to be in their chairs at 7:55, when parents also need to be out of the building. Cole is inviting community organizations and individuals to partner with the school to develop a campaign and outreach program to promote on-time arrival. We believe that continuing to implement the Triple A Achievers program that rewards children for Academic achievement, daily Attendance, and positive Attitude in addition to an outreach program could potentially include neighborhood flyers and signs, incentives for grade-level competitions, students awards for perfect attendance or on-time arrival, information programming for families to incorporate a value on-time arrival (e.g., establishing routines at home, importance of student sleep patterns), among other strategies.

Glencliff Cluster

Glencliff High:

• Tell TN/MNPS survey data for Data Point A increases from 19% to 25% within the 2016-2017 school year.
• Tell TN/MNPS survey data for Data Point B increases from 18% to 36% within the 2016-2017 school year.
• More academy and community partners visible within the school (students and staff recognize them by name/face).
• Sign up as a weekly MNPS reading clinic volunteer
• Sign up as a PENCIL school tutoring volunteer
• Be visible within the school – visit with students at lunchtime to build relationships, help with homework, etc.
• Create ACT word of the day signage to post throughout the school

Whitsitt Elementary School:


Hunters Lane Cluster

Hunters Lane High School:

While Hunters Lane has several existing partners and supports in place to assist in the college and career readiness of our students (e.g., tutoring and college prep sessions during lunch), Hunters Lane is inviting additional community organizations and individuals to partner with us to achieve the following:
• decrease the percentage of students who are “chronically absent” (DWH).
• increase the average ACT composite score across all academies
• increase the percentage of students who apply and are accepted to college
• increase the percentage of students who complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
• increase the percentage of students who receive scholarship money
• increase student and parental awareness of resources and assistance for college. Take the students on more college tours during spring/fall.
• seek Help from Juvenile Courts (Judge Calloway) to increase attendance and decrease tardies. Give students incentives to get to school on time.

Maplewood Cluster

Gra-Mar Middle Prep:

After-School Program Tutors Needed. Gra-Mar Middle Prep is looking for tutors for our After School Tutoring Program. We need Math, Science, and English tutors for grades 5th – 8th. Tutors will provide 1 one hour of academic instruction. Academic Instruction is Monday – Thursday from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm unless a student requires additional support.
After-School Program Needs Enrichment Providers. Gra-Mar Middle Prep is looking for organizations that can provide enrichment opportunities for our afterschool program for grades 5th – 8th. Providers will provide 1 hour of enrichment Monday –Thursday from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm. We would like to provide the following opportunities: Cooking, Gaming, Dance, Arts & Crafts, Service Learning, Science, Music/Pop Band, Spoken Word, Running, and Step. We are open to learning about any other enrichment opportunities that might exist.
After-School Program
Monday – Thursday
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Saturday Gladiator Academy Needs Literacy and Math Instructors. Gra-Mar Middle Prep is looking for Instructors for our Saturday Gladiator Academy Program. Saturday Gladiator Academy is not a behavioral intervention or make up day. The program is designed to help middle tier kids to enrich and push them forward. We need Math, Science, and English Instructors for grades 5th – 8th. Instructors will work with students on the 2nd & 4th Saturday of each month from 8:45 am – 12:00 noon. Instructors need to be at Gra-Mar by 8:30 am and be prepared to stay no later than 12:30 pm.
Saturday Gladiator Academy Needs Enrichment Providers. Gra-Mar Middle Prep is looking for organizations that can provide enrichment opportunities for our Saturday Gladiator Academy which meets on the 2nd & 4th Saturday of each month. We are looking for the following opportunities: Cooking, Technology, Broadcasting, Gaming, Dance, Arts & Crafts, Service Learning, Science, Music/Pop Band, Spoken Word, Running, and Step. We are open to learning about any other enrichment opportunities that might exist.
Saturday Gladiator Academy
2nd & 4th Saturday
8:45 am – 12:00 noon

Club Sponsors Needed. Gra-Mar Middle Prep is looking for club sponsors for the following clubs: Cosmetology, Gardening, Chess & Checkers, Cooking, Book Club, Tech Savvy, and Drama. Clubs meet on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month from 2:55 pm – 3:55 pm.
Cosmetology – Students will learn about the hair and beauty industry. They will learn how to do facials and masks, how to apply natural make-up, and how to do manicures. We are looking for barbers and stylist to share their expertise and techniques.
Cooking – Students will learn the basic terminology, skill, and safety precautions of cooking. Students will spend time preparing and most importantly enjoying food.
Gardening – In this club students will learn about soil & texture composition, how plant and soil relate. Students will plant, water, weed, grow, pick, and cook vegetables they grow in the garden.
Chess & Checkers – this club is for beginners and experienced chess and checker players.
Book Club – Students will have this club time to read their favorite novels, comic books, magazines, etc. They will also have the option to have book talks, where they select a book to read as a group, have discussions, and create fun activities.
Tech Savvy – Students will investigate and discuss different types of technologies and different ways they can use technology for personal and educational purposes.
Acting/Drama Club – Dramatizations, acting, performance are just a few words to explain what will happen in this club. Students will be able to demonstrate their craft to their peers and find their voice.
Experiential Learning Opportunities Needed. Gra-Mar Middle Prep is looking for Experiential Learning opportunities for 5th-8th Grade students. The learning opportunities are a schoolwide event and every grade level has their own event and or activity that will take place, but it must be focused on or around the theme for the Experiential Learning Day. Experiential Learning starts at 9:00 am and ends at 1:00 pm. This year we are looking for programs that can assist in the following categories on the following dates:
September 30th 2016 – Math & Science
December 9th 2016 – Service Learning
March 10th 2016 – The Arts
Job Shadowing Opportunities Needed. Gra-Mar Middle Prep is looking for job shadowing opportunities for our 8th grade students. We are looking for opportunities in the following areas but are not limited to those areas: Engineering, Sports Medicine, Business, Micro-Enterprise, Automotive, Tele-communication, Technology, and Banking Industry. Students would have an opportunity to visit the company, visit different departments, and learn about the positions and what’s required to even be considered for the positions. The students would spend approximately 3 hours on site at the business and or facility. Visits and Tour Dates to be decided by Company and CA Site Manager for Gra-Mar.
College & Career Expo Vendors Needed. Gra-Mar is looking for colleges and area business to join us for the Gra-Mar Middle Prep College & Career Expo. We want to expose our students to the opportunities that exist in Nashville and beyond and we need colleges and businesses to join us in this effort. Students will register for this event, visit booths/vendors and learn about college entrance requirements, and offerings. Students will visit business vendors to learn about what the company does and what the expectations are to be hired at that organization. Gra-Mar Expo Date and Time Coming Soon.

Jere Baxter Middle Prep:


McGavock Cluster

Dupont Hadley Middle Prep:

DuPont Hadley would like to ask for partners or individuals who could help with the following to address college and career readiness:
➢ ACT Prep Course
➢ Volunteers to assist our certified teachers with before and after school tutoring
➢ Weekly club offerings with an academic focus
➢ A program or workshop that addresses “What do I need to know now to prepare my child for college?”
➢ Offer mentoring to students

Napier Enhanced Option Elementary School:

Harpeth Hill has begun working with Napier on a Backpack Power Pack program, which involves packing and providing weekend backpacks with individualized tutoring and academic support materials for parents to work with their children. To help increase our reading scores, we are looking for volunteers to work with our students as tutors in reading during the school day. We are looking for volunteers to read with students from 8-3:45 for a one hour time slot during the day.
We are looking for partners to sponsor monthly perfect attendance celebrations. We are also looking for community sponsorships to celebrate parents whose students have perfect attendance.
We are looking for partners willing to facilitate after-school programming for a minimum of twenty plus kids to engage multiple intelligences of our students.
We are looking for weekend programming to engage students in academic and social-emotional supports.

Two Rivers Middle Prep:

*Reading Volunteers: To increase student achievement in reading we are in need of reading tutor volunteers for the reading clinic on Tue.-Thurs. afternoons.
*Book Donations: To increase student achievement in reading volunteers may sponsor a “shoebox library” (5 books purchased and placed in a small clear container or box) for every student to have a small library at their home. We have book lists available.
*School Supplies: Backpacks and school supplies are essential for all students to be prepared and complete their assignments at school and in their home.
*Guest Speakers: Exposure to various careers and knowledge of successful leaders in our community is imperative for our students. Days and times for speakers are flexible. We will also host a career fair and in need of speakers for that event.
*Math Tutors: We are in need of math tutors to volunteer their time once or twice a week (depending on your afternoon schedule) to help a student understand and master a math concept.
*Incentives/Rewards: At Two Rivers we love to celebrate learning and success. We ask that our community partners help us celebrate and reward our students.

Overton Cluster

Tusculum Elementary School:

1) Volunteers for Reading Clinic and teacher support.
2) Academic support materials for home (family literacy supplies, homework bags)
3) Partnerships to coordinate off-campus academic enrichment programs.
a. train McMurray and Overton 7 to 12th grade students to tutor/mentor Tusculum students in their own neighborhoods.
b. Provide afterschool and summer enrichment programs at apartment complexes where Tusculum students live.
c. Provide space/supplies/snacks/transportation/staff as needed to agencies providing enrichment activities.
4) Incentives to reward perfect attendance such as books, small toys, pencils, journals, ice cream and pizza parties.
By May 31, 2017, to increase by 10% the opportunity for students to participate in academic enrichment activities through partnerships with organizations providing opportunities for academic enrichment as measured by program data compared to previous year.
By May 31, 2017, to increase by 1% the average daily attendance rate and decrease by 50% the tardiness rate, through monthly incentives and recognition for perfect attendance as measured by district data compared to previous year.

Pearl-Cohn Cluster

Buena Vista Enhanced Option Elementary School:

• Strategy I: After-School Tutoring
• As part of our efforts to ensure academic success, BVEOES offers after-school tutoring (4-5:30 p.m.) Monday-Thursday from October to April. These tutoring sessions are staffed completely by teachers and serve 100 scholars from 2nd-4th grade. This year, we will be opening our doors to these scholars’ families by hosting a monthly “Homework Diner”. Once a month, a family member of scholars participating in the tutoring program is invited to join their child and work together on homework, with the assistance of teachers/staff on site. After working on homework/school concepts together, families are invited to stay and enjoy a meal provided by the school. For more information about this program, please see the video here:
• Requests for Partnership
• We invite community partners to assist us in providing necessary snacks and food for our after-school tutoring program. Because 100 percent of our scholars live in poverty, we recognize the need to address food insecurity at all of our after-school events. Community partners are invited to donate child-friendly snacks (granola bars, fruit, fruit snacks, chip packs, juice boxes, water) to help us feed our scholars after school.
• BVEOES would like to partner with individuals/groups within our community who are interested in providing the meal for our Monthly Homework Diner. Those events would need to feed roughly 200 people – 100 parents/family members and 100 scholars and will be hosted 9 times throughout the school years (dates TBD).

• Strategy II: Reading Clinic
• There is a district-wide push to improve literacy achievement and to close literacy achievement gaps. BVEOES shares this vision and houses a full-service Reading Clinic, a systematic intervention to help struggling scholars.
• Requests for Partnership
• BVEOES invites individuals and organizations to participate in tutoring activities through the school’s Reading Clinic. Reading Clinic volunteers should be able to devote one hour a week on a consistent basis within the 2016-2017 school year. BVEOES will work with volunteers to coordinate training (a one-time two hour training is mandatory for this program) and to develop schedules on an individual basis.

• Strategy III: In-School Programs and Field Trips
• We are constantly seeking to open and expand the minds of our scholars when it comes to college, higher education, and future careers. We host speakers/programs with a focus on these areas, including a Career Day in the spring. We also try and take our scholars on different field trips within the community to increase their awareness about their options for the future. This can include trips to local colleges/technical programs, as well as different businesses within our community.
• Requests for Partnership
• BVEOES invites individuals and organizations to bring one-time or ongoing programs to our school that talk to scholars about higher education and/or careers.
• BVEOES invite individuals to volunteer at Career Day (May, 2017) to talk about his/her career path.

• Strategy IV: Awards Day
• Scholars and families receive a school report card every 9 weeks with updated grades and behavior reports. Accordingly, we hold an Awards Day every 9 weeks to celebrate scholar success. At these events, we recognize our scholars for several different awards and give prizes when we have them available. Parents/Family members are invited to join us at each of these events.
• Requests for Partnership
• BVEOES invites individuals and organizations to donate awards for our scholars to be used at Awards Day. These awards can include stickers, school supplies, small games, small toys, candy, and more.

• Strategy V: Book Donations
• In our efforts to increase a love for literacy, Buena Vista has a “Free Little Library” in our front office from which parents/family members and scholars can take free books home at any time. Those books come from donations to the school and are given to families so that they have items to read in the home. Additionally, BVEOES gives out books at all of its after-school events and events geared towards family engagement. It is our goal for each of our scholars to have home libraries full of rich and exciting books.
• Request for Partnership
• BVEOES invites individuals and organizations to donate new and/or slightly used books, magazines, or newspapers that are appropriate for elementary-school aged children.

McKissack Middle Prep:


Pearl-Cohn Entertainment Management Magnet High School:

• We need a decrease in absences by at least 6 %.
• We need an increase of one on one mentoring of students by 25 %.
• While our daily attendance remains the same, we continue to see an increase in chronic absences in spite of intentional efforts to build meaningful relationships with students. We saw a 5 % increase in chronic absentees from 2014-15 to 2015-16 school year.

Stratford Cluster

Stratford Lower Campus (formerly Bailey Middle):


Inglewood Elementary School:


Whites Creek Cluster

Creswell Arts Magnet Middle Prep:

Creswell is inviting organizations and individuals to provide in-house tutoring during the school day. Students that need extra assistance with these subject areas could be pulled during intervention times (11am-1:30pm) to receive tutoring services.

Creswell is inviting organizations, individuals, colleges and universities to provide programming or services by:
• offering an ACT Prep course
• offering clubs that are academic related
• helping increase opportunities to explore post- secondary options by providing college tours and college and career fair participation
• work with the school and families to explore additional ways to address college and career readiness

Joelton Middle Prep:

Joelton has a focus on Project based learning, learning where students can put into practice the standards that are learned in class. When this happens, evidence shows that scores are increased. JMS is seeking partners to collaborate with our instructional team to create and implement projects to engage our students in meaningful work. The instructional team is working with staff to determine projects for the year.
JMS is inviting organizations and individuals to provide individualized tutoring and academic support specifically in math and reading weekly.
JMS is also planning a career day and would like for professionals to share their experiences and pathway during the event. We also invite colleges and universities to attend as vendors and welcome our students for college visits.
Finally, JMS seeks partner to donate snacks during testing