Career Reading Pilot

The High School A-Team’s Career Reading Pilot is designed to increase students’ reading skills and confidence while fostering a richer understanding of the healthcare industry and strengthening connections between classroom and career. Students participating in Career Reading gain exposure to grade-appropriate industry-related texts and artifacts that help to align the lessons of the classroom to practices of the career field.

Career Reading Mentors participating in the Spring 2019 pilot will partner with a Biology II teacher in Glencliff High School’s Academy of Health and Hospitality to provide students with a rich classroom experience.

Becoming a Career Reading Mentor

Ideal Career Reading Mentors will be professionals with expertise in genetics and biological systems (e.g. genetics, heredity, respiratory system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, etc). The High School A-Team is seeking at least 6 volunteers who can commit to participating 3 times during the semester.

Mentors will commit to the following:

  • Share journal articles, IRB trials forms, data charts, biological system models, or other relevant publications or artifacts that complement biology standards.
  • Attend and bring potential artifacts to the 2 Hour Mentor Training and Teacher Planning Session in January 2019.
  • Use resources and materials to discuss pre-selected industry publications and artifacts with students on 3 of the following dates during the semester: January 30, February 7, February 13, February 20, February 28, and March 6.
  • Vanderbilt NICU Nurse was a Career Reading Volunteer in Fall 2018



Short-term Goals:

Increase student interest in reading

Increase access to industry publications

Increase students self-efficacy

Mid-term Goals:

of students will report increased likelihood of applying for dual enrollment courses
of students will report a better understanding of accessing industry publications and career-related artifacts
of students will report increased confidence and interest in reading

Long-term Goals:

Increase College & Career Readiness

Improve Student Literacy

December 13

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January 11

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January 14

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January 21

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January 30

Pilot Begins

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