Walk through the doors of any MNPS school on any given day and you will find a building full of individuals dedicated to the academic success and overall wellbeing of Nashville’s students. Perhaps one of the most versatile individuals in the building is the School Counselor—a person with intensive training and deep understanding of academic, personal-social and college-career needs of each of their students.

Over the years, Alignment Nashville has witnessed the passion and expertise of school counselors as dedicated members of our A-Teams. School counselors view the school environment and the students through a unique lens that offers insight into tactics that would be most helpful to support students across a variety of grade levels, content areas, and social needs.

Nicole Cobb is the Executive Director of School Counseling for Metro Nashville Public Schools and one of many school counselors currently engaged in A-Team work. According to Nicole, involving school counselors in the work of Alignment Nashville is mutually beneficial.

“I think Alignment Nashville helps get school counselors the resources and community supports they need to be able to do their jobs in the schools,” said Cobb, who serves as co-chair of the Adolescent Sexual Responsibility/ Healthy Starts A-Team, “The collaboration through Alignment Nashville helps to connect our counselors to community partners that can support the work.”

Alignment Nashville is always grateful for the innovative contributions that MNPS school counselors make to the climate of Nashville’s schools, the success of our students and to the collective impact of our Alignment Teams. Learn how you can show your appreciation for a school counselor during National School Counseling Week (Feb 6-10).