In 2020, as most of the world shifted into a virtual environment, Alignment Nashville took swift and thoughtful action to ensure that the work of our A-Teams and initiatives such as the Music City SEL Conference and Academies of Nashville Study Visit could continue moving forward through remote collaboration (i.e. Zoom). We are grateful that technology has allowed us to continue connecting during the pandemic but remain keenly aware that meeting as boxes on a screen just can’t replace face-to-face interaction – especially for the highly collaborative, hands-on work of our A-Teams. 

To that end, many of our A-Teams have begun or are considering alternating between virtual and in-person meeting formats to accommodate busy schedules while retaining that important interpersonal interaction. However, to avoid further drain of resources and to maximize attendees’ time and attention, we have made the choice to avoid “hybrid” meetings.

  • Hybrid meetings are much more logistically complex than meeting in-person or virtually, and it has proven to be very difficult to have hybrid meetings that are authentically productive for the participants. As the Harvard Business Review recently said, “They are easy to do poorly and hard to do well.
  • Many of our meeting locations are not equipped with the technology required to create an adequate audio and video experience that would allow remote attendees to immersively participate in meeting activities that are essential to our process.
  • When dealing with a divided audience, resources and visuals such as handouts, data packets, powerpoints, can only be shared simultaneously if in-person participants log into Zoom as well, defeating the purpose of attending the in-person meeting.

This experience has tempered our understanding and appreciation for the time, resources, and space necessary to convene so many wonderful partners throughout the year. Alignment Nashville will continue to make every effort to accommodate the needs and desires of our A-Teams without compromising the integrity of their work and with total respect for our team members’ time and effort. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to…