Alignment Nashville is a Founding Partner of the Academies of Nashville! The Academies of Nashville Sustain A-Team engages a broad range of partners to build long-term buy-in and support for the Academies from every sector of the community. Recent projects have included a reverse job shadow manual and help developing a walkthough rubric to help Academies identify and amplify their stregnths.

Alignment Nashville also houses the Nashville Hub (a Ford Next Generation Learning Hub), which serves as a clearinghouse for resources and expertise Nashville has cultivated on the academy model.

The mission of the Academies of Nashville are to…

ensure high school students will belong to a personalized smaller learning community engaged around interests where relationships are valued. Instruction will be project-based, applied and integrated where meaningful business engagement is evident, post-secondary institutions are involved and the community is supportive. The Academies of Nashville allow students to choose a thematic course of study, such as engineering, health care, or International Baccalaureate, and learn in a relevant, hands-on environment with real-world application. Our students learn math, science, English, and social studies in the context of their Academy theme.

How are the Academies of Nashville different from traditional high schools?

  • Academies offer the small, personalized environment of a small school.
  • Academies offer applied learning opportunities of themed magnet schools.
  • Academies partner with businesses to solve real-world problems for authentic learning.
  • Academies focus on the 21st Century Skills students need to succeed in college and life.
  • Academies provide a culture of teamwork, critical thinking, communications, collaboration, and creativity.
  • Academies provide rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum.
  • Academies prepare students for college and career.

All students need to be prepared for success in college and career.

Academies of Nashville Alignment Team

  • Amber Plunkett, MNPS
  • Bob Kucher, PENCIL
  • Carl Carter, MNPS
  • Carrie Weir, MNPS
  • Courtney Morgan, MNPS
  • Denise King,  MNPS
  • Ellen Crowley, CMT
  • Ellen O’Neal, HCA
  • Felicia Everson-Tuggle, MNPS
  • Gena Shearon. Holiday Inn Vanderbilt
  • Heather Chalos, Nashville Hub, Alignment Nashville
  • James Witty, MNPS
  • Jeff Parker, Brown & Caldwell
  • Jennifer McFerron, Nashville Area Chamber
  • John Doerge, Deloitte
  • Katie Petrole, The Parthenon
  • Lanedria Marshall, MNPS
  • LaurenBrooks-Gregory, Stansell Electric
  • Margaret Steele, Nissan
  • Mary York, MNPS
  • Matt Nelson, MNPS
  • Michael Pratt, MNPS
  • Miriam Harrington, MNPS
  • Patricia Knight, HCA
  • Ray Holloman, F5 Networks​
  • Robert Rice, Nashville Music City Center
  • Robert Robinson, Alignment Nashville
  • Sherrie Funk, CSF Travel Consulting
  • Shohreh Daraei, Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Steve Scheaffer, MNPS